Finality Investigations LLC
Professional * Confidential * Experienced

Finality Investigations is owned & operated by Terry L. Klooster, an Iowa licensed private investigator with 29 years of law enforcement investigative experience and 4 years of PI experience.

  • 26 year investigator & supervisor with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
  • 3 year investigator with the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement
  • Led, assisted, and/or supervised hundreds of investigations
  • Former Iowa Dept. of Public Safety Child Abduction Response Coordinator
  • B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Iowa Licensed Notary
  • Over 1500 hours of specialized investigative training

Civil, Domestic, & Criminal Investigations  Background Investigations
Missing Person  People Locate
Surveillance   Interviewing

Contact Information

Phone: 319-333-9752
Mail: P.O. Box 383
Solon, Iowa 52333